Polmex ® is a Western Australian family owned and operated Engineering Company based in Perth. We are an Australian-registered business, with ABN: 68 443 940 751 and our company name is a registered trade mark, registration number 1268758. Our postal address is: PO Box 64, Innaloo City, Western Australia 6913

You can buy from us in confidence knowing that you are dealing with a real Australian business.

We’ve been established since 1999 for the purpose of engineering design and manufacture and since 2008 we’ve been trading on line. We’ve been recognized by our clients as a business committed to providing the best possible quality product/service with ever growing outstanding feedback comments.

We specialise in design and manufacture of small, special purpose silicone products.

We also design and manufacture small silicone products to clients order.If you are looking for different silicone product, please send us an e-mail, we will strive to deliver the best solutions to your problem.

Our product is 100% Australian Made from the point of inventing, through to designing, tooling and manufacturing process.

Since introducing our product to the market in mid 2008 starting with Silicone Replacement Buttons for Holden Commodore, due to public demand more button replacements were designed and manufactured. Today our products are delivering the most economical solution to repairing of Worn car remote key buttons.

Majority of our products especially ones considered to be revolutionary designs are Registered Designs for copyright protection.

Polmex Competencies:
  • Reliability: We continuously improve our processes and services to deliver reliable products, easy to install and to maintain.
  • Technical expertise: We develop product innovations concentrating on technical performance and required functionality. Our firm consists of a core group of highly experienced and qualified engineers who are specialists in their own fields. We are able to deliver a breadth of services from design through tooling to manufacturing, leading to the delivery of the finest product.
  • Responsiveness: We provide each customer with real time solution. We constantly improve our data and information and make it easy for our customers to deal with us. We keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Efficiency: We reduce costs and constantly measure efficiency in our departments to maximise customer value.
  • Commitment: We are committed to delivering high level of customer service & high quality product at competitive prices. We endeavor to set high standards in design, production & distribution of our products. We are committed to keeping our prices very low despite the high cost of precision tooling and difficulty in the manufacturing of small items. We do not charge any postage and handling fees for purchases made within Australia. Our unique product offers our clients cheaper alternative to buying a whole new remote key and incurring additional costs associated with re-programming.

Polmex Quality Silicone products:

Our products are made from High Quality Silicone which offers excellent flexibility and weather resistance. Silicone we use outperforms other non flexible, age and weather deteriorating elastomers used in automotive industry in particular in key pads of remote controls.

Superior properties of Polmex Silicone Buttons/Pads, in comparison with buttons made from other elastomers used in automotive industry:
  • High- and low-temperature stability and compression resistance.
  • Flexibility
  • Tear strength
  • Long-term tensile strength
  • Chemical resistant
  • Weathering and aging resistance
  • Ozone and oxidation resistance
Outstanding properties of Silicone made it our obvious choice of material, to manufacture Polmex repair buttons for worn remote controls, delivering flexible, age and weather resistant product. Polmex Silicone Buttons Will Outlast original and other replacement buttons Many Times Over.

To our valued customers, we thank you for shopping with us, and look forward to providing the highest standard of service